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Who We Are

We are an Amsterdam based, energetic, inter-disciplinary creative network using a methodology that binds us all together.

The Design Method Toolkit methodology gives us the ability to work together while having completely different disciplinary background.

All members in our network have been trained extensively in using the DMT for a minimum of 6 months.

The Creatives Across Network stimulates creative work in interdisciplinary design teams and will facilitate tools, methods and platforms to co-create.

Our Beating Heart

We use the Design Method Toolkit developed by the MediaLAB Amsterdam to facilitate, structure and document the design proces in our projects. All our members have been extensively trained in using this set of methods, the benefits of using the toolkit are evident in every project.

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What We Do

Curated Creative Network

Our network consists of interdisciplinary creatives that have mastered design method thinking. This ensures great creative collaboration across disciplines.

Design Method Toolkit

While stimulating and advocating the toolkit we also teach the use of it. We offer evening, 1-day and weekend-experiences to learn to use our core methodology.

Design Squads

Want to utilize DMT and design thinking in your organisation, but don’t want invest your own time. We offer our expertise as a service by organising design sprints to curb your problems.

How We Work



Tell us about your ideas, questions or even your problems.

We put it out in the network

Next we will shape your request into a briefing to put out inside our network of creatives.

Love Your Life

Sit back, while we form a team to take on your challenge.

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